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  1. On Day One

From the recording On Day One


On Day One
Written by bluZ (copyright 4-19-2016)

You were not here yesterday,
But you are here today,
Lying so silently
In a small Lucite tray.
Your face all scrunched up,
On your head a knit hat
Makes you look like an elf
Or some creature like that.
Chubby cherry cheeks
Subtly move as you breathe.
I could watch you all night;
Really don’t want to leave.
As I stand and observe
My first newborn son,
My mind starts to race.
Questions have begun
On this your day one.
Will you succumb
to the false gods
of that glow beneath your fingers?
On whose tortured screens
There’s nothing redeeming,
Only flaming and litter,
And folks who are bitter.
Will you die as a soldier
In a faraway war?
Away from your family
And your being’s core?
Will you marry the girl
Who lives just next door,
Or find for your mate
Someone chosen by fate?
You have no idea
‘Bout the things that I fear
For you on day one,
Before you’ve begun.
But I’ll always be here,
Your sword and your horse,
Until the tables are turned
And you become boss.
That’ll happen in time;
There’s no fighting that.
But it won’t be tomorrow.
How’s it that I know?
Just look at your hat.