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  1. Love's Wind

From the recording Love's Wind


Love’s Wind
Written by bluZ (copyright 2-14-2016)
Already three beers in,
But soon I’ll start the gin,
And then I will begin
To see it all again.
We had life by the tail;
We simply could not fail.
No doubt we would prevail
Over every last travail.
But we missed just one detail:
Our love was just too frail;
Love’s wind becalmed our sail.
Now we’re goin’ through the motions
Of a love that’s lost emotion.
We can’t avoid the notion
That we simply lack devotion.
Such a scary thing to find
That our love can just unwind.
We continue to be kind,
But our eyes no longer shine;
Our hearts no longer pine.
So it’s time to walk away;
Let’s not waste another day
On a love that’s sadly frayed,
On a love that has decayed,
On a love that’s flown away.
Of course there will be sighs;
No doubt there will be cries.
But we won’t lie down and die;
And we won’t keep telling lies.
Someday we’ll meet again;
I’ll treat you to a gin;
You’ll treat me to a beer;
We’ll call each other “dear”.
We’ll be each other’s friend;
We’ll guess what would have been,
If we’d stuck until the end.
But that we’ll never know;
There is no repeat show,
No second act to love;
It’s really “yes” or “no”.
And “no” it has become;
Despite your pleading eyes,
It really is undone;
Yes … it’s time to say goodbye.