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  1. In Heaven Reside

From the recording In Heaven Reside


In Heaven Reside
Written by bluZ(copyright 4-16-2016)
I heard you whisper
Right into my ear,
Through the night’s darkness,
You were really here.
I saw your soft light
Piercing through the night.
Assuring me that
All would be just right.
I felt your warm touch
Upon my cold cheek.
Silky, like satin,
Soft, smooth and so sleek.
I smelled fresh-cut lilies
Just in from green fields.
The sign that your love
Never, ever, will yield;
The sign that your spirit
Will serve as my shield.
My heart is relieved
By the love we conceived.
My soul truly leavened
By your trip from heaven.
Someday I will join you
And glow in your light,
Reflecting your glory,
Your truth, and your might.
I’ll sit by your side,
Never shedding a tear,
And knowing that fears
In heaven subside …
And in the lord’s heaven
We’ll forever reside.