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  1. Daughter's Song

From the recording Daughter's Song


Daughter’s Song
Written by bluZ(copyright 4-11-2016)
Look past me now.
Look past me; how?
By seeing that
You’ve been endowed.
You played with me,
Bounced on my knee.
But you’ve grown up;
Surpassed the “we”.
Now life is calling
For the “you” to be.
Surprise me now.
Surprise me; how?
Exert your will.
Your plate will fill.
Your life can be
A symphony.
Not just the melody
It was with me.
Always embrace
Life’s hardest trials.
You will grow strong;
Just walk the miles.
Learn as you go.
Think as you grow.
Don’t be afraid
To tell them “no”;
But, as to anger,
Always be slow.
Don’t be the one
Who rushes in
All guns blazing
Into the din.
Be the thoughtful one
I taught you to be,
And someday you’ll bounce
Your own on your knee.
Yes … Life is calling
For the “you” to be.
So … be