Love's Wind

by Bluz

Released 2017
Havepower, LLC
Released 2017
Havepower, LLC
With hints of Pink Floyd and dreamy, classic rock guitar stylings Love's Wind is heart wrenchingly mellow and hauntingly beautiful.

Love's Wind is a sad song about a love that was too fragile to survive.

Grab a beer and drown your sorrows.
  • 05:00 Lyrics
    Love's Wind

    Love’s Wind

    Written by bluZ (copyright 2-14-2016)


    Already three beers in,

    But soon I’ll start the gin,

    And then I will begin

    To see it all again.


    We had life by the tail;

    We simply could not fail.

    No doubt we would prevail

    Over every last travail.

    But we missed just one detail:

    Our love was just too frail;

    Love’s wind becalmed our sail.


    Now we’re goin’ through the motions

    Of a love that’s lost emotion.

    We can’t avoid the notion

    That we simply lack devotion.


    Such a scary thing to find

    That our love can just unwind.

    We continue to be kind,

    But our eyes no longer shine;

    Our hearts no longer pine.


    So it’s time to walk away;

    Let’s not waste another day


    On a love that’s sadly frayed,

    On a love that has decayed,

    On a love that’s flown away.


    Of course there will be sighs;

    No doubt there will be cries.

    But we won’t lie down and die;

    And we won’t keep telling lies.


    Someday we’ll meet again;

    I’ll treat you to a gin;

    You’ll treat me to a beer;

    We’ll call each other “dear”.

    We’ll be each other’s friend;

    We’ll guess what would have been,

    If we’d stuck until the end.


    But that we’ll never know;

    There is no repeat show,

    No second act to love;

    It’s really “yes” or “no”.


    And “no” it has become;

    Despite your pleading eyes,

    It really is undone;

    Yes … it’s time to say goodbye.

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