In Heaven Reside

by Bluz

Released 2017
Havepower, LLC
Released 2017
Havepower, LLC
In Heaven Reside is a groovy reggae track with hints of rock and some nice harmonizing vocals on each chorus.

Lyrics are heartfelt and deep. You'll want to listen a few times to fully appreciate this track.
  • 03:38 Lyrics
    In Heaven Reside

    In Heaven Reside

    Written by bluZ(copyright 4-16-2016)


    I heard you whisper

    Right into my ear,

    Through the night’s darkness,

    You were really here.


    I saw your soft light

    Piercing through the night.

    Assuring me that

    All would be just right.


    I felt your warm touch

    Upon my cold cheek.

    Silky, like satin,

    Soft, smooth and so sleek.


    I smelled fresh-cut lilies

    Just in from green fields.

    The sign that your love

    Never, ever, will yield;

    The sign that your spirit

    Will serve as my shield.


    My heart is relieved

    By the love we conceived.

    My soul truly leavened

    By your trip from heaven.


    Someday I will join you

    And glow in your light,

    Reflecting your glory,

    Your truth, and your might.


    I’ll sit by your side,

    Never shedding a tear,

    And knowing that fears

    In heaven subside …

    And in the lord’s heaven

    We’ll forever reside.


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