Flight of Fancy

by Bluz

Released 2017
Havepower, LLC
Released 2017
Havepower, LLC
Flight of Fancy is a cool, classic rock sounding tune with a nod to both Dire Straits and Santana. Featuring elegant spanish guitar flurries and accents (no pun intended), Flight of Fancy is a gem (Pun intended. Read the lyrics to figure out why).
  • 02:56 Lyrics
    Flight of Fancy

    Flight of Fancy

    By bluZ

    (Copyright 11/14/2016)


    A new, New Years came;

    That new, New Years went.

    Another year spent

    Just paying the rent.


    Day Two was her birthday,

    ‘N she felt that a change …

    A more hopeful spirit …

    Had come into range.


    In a tub of rose petals

    With a fistful of Dom,

    And a mind growing calm,

    An idea was bubbling.

    The old way was crumbling.


    A grand butterfly

    Of burnt silver ‘n gold

    On her fourth finger

    Would hover and linger.


    Then flit in the light

    That caught it just right.

    What a sight to behold …

    What a sight to behold.


    With black diamond eyes

    And subtle red specks,

     It would soar to the skies

    Never loosing a cry.


    But fixed to her finger

    It ever would be.

    Its own freedom captured

    To set her heart free …

    To set her heart free.


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