by Bluz

Released 2017
Havepower, LLC
Released 2017
Havepower, LLC
Entombed is an extremely sad song about being so heartbroken and so lonely that you can no longer go on.

Entombed is hauntingly beautiful with a cabaret feel featuring somber trumpet work reminiscent of a New Orleans funeral. Read more below...
  • 03:56 Lyrics


    Written by bluZ (copyright 3-19-2016)


    It's another dismal day,

    With my mind in disarray,

    And my heart in full decay,

    All because you've gone away.


    ‘Tis unfortunately clear:

    Life is gloom entombed in fear

    Of existing without you.

    That’s a thought I cannot bear.


    Even breathing is a chore,

    As I strain to take one more.

    Although my chest expands,

    It's my heart I can't command.


    'Cause you've taken it with you,

    Proving absolutely true

    Loneliness descends from two.

    So, I’ve bid by heart adieu.


    I listen every night

    To the whispers in the pines,

    Even for the smallest sign

    That you will again be mine.


    But that answer cannot come,

    'Cause my soul is out of plumb.

    I could drink ‘till no more rum,

    I could pray 'till I'm struck dumb,

    But the truth is I’m undone.


    Yes, my heart has left with you,

    And what’s absolutely true

    Is that emptiness takes two.

    So, I’ve bid my life adieu..

Entombed also features Iva Fruhlingova, a famous Czech model and singer.

Well, she's more famous than the rest of the band put together anyway.

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