Daughter's Song

by Bluz

Released 2017
Havepower, LLC
Released 2017
Havepower, LLC
Daughter's Song is about the beautiful, tender expression of love for one's daughter.

Positive and uplifting, this song has a country feel and is the perfect gift for someone who just had a baby girl or is sending one off to college or to get married.
  • 04:32 Lyrics Daughter's Song

    Daughter’s Song

    Written by bluZ(copyright 4-11-2016)


    Look past me now.

    Look past me; how?

    By seeing that

    You’ve been endowed.


    You played with me,

    Bounced on my knee.

    But you’ve grown up;

    Surpassed the “we”.

    Now life is calling

    For the “you” to be.


    Surprise me now.

    Surprise me; how?

    Exert your will.

    Your plate will fill.


    Your life can be

    A symphony.

    Not just the melody

    It was with me.


    Always embrace

    Life’s hardest trials.

    You will grow strong;

    Just walk the miles.


    Learn as you go.

    Think as you grow.

    Don’t be afraid

    To tell them “no”;

    But, as to anger,

    Always be slow.


    Don’t be the one

    Who rushes in

    All guns blazing

    Into the din.


    Be the thoughtful one

    I taught you to be,

    And someday you’ll bounce

    Your own on your knee.

    Yes … Life is calling

    For the “you” to be.

    So … be



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