Blue Blue Ruin

by bluZ

Released 2017
Havepower, LLC
Released 2017
Havepower, LLC
With a chorus sounding reminiscent of Pink Floyd and some tasty blues guitar licks, Blue Blue Ruin is a sad song about heartbreak with a sweet sax solo at the end.

There is a video of an acoustic version of Blue Blue Ruin on our website. Czech it out!
  • 05:08 Lyrics Blue Blue Ruin

    Blue, Blue Ruin
    Written by bluZ (copyright 7-25-2015) 

    I’ve heard your gentle sighs;
    I’ve dried your tearful eyes;
    Yes … we’ve tried to compromise,
    But our love’s assumed the guise
    Of a blue, blue ruin.

    Not the blue of sunny skies;
    Not the blue in baby’s eyes,
    Not the ribbon for first prize
    But the soul in sad disguise 
    Of a blue, blue ruin.

    The blue of bloodshot eyes,
    With which you realize
    We only now comprise
    The blue of love that’s died:
    Just a blue, blue ruin.

    So hold me one last time;
    Your eyes again can shine
    As you peer out into time
    At the life you redesign
    Far from …
    Our blue, blue ruin.

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